Vixen Portable Equatorial Mount Polar Alignment Scope Set for POLARIE U


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For accurate polar alignment of the POLARIE U

This is a kit of polar alignment scope PF-LII and polar scope arm bracket. It allows for making accurate tracking when you shoot celestial objects with a telephoto lens.

The POLARIE U works as a star tracker when set up to follow the diurnal motion of stars. For this purpose, the rotation axis of the POLARIE U has to be set to be parallel to that of the diurnal motion of the stars. This is called polar alignment. The polar alignment scope is a small telescope that is used to face the POLARIE U to the celestial pole in the north or south hemispheres. Accurate polar alignment is essential for successful long-exposure astrophotography. The polar alignment scope allows for polar aligning as accurately as 3 arc minutes or less.

Polar alignment is easy as you simply bring Polaris and two other stars into the polar scope's field of view so that each can be matched with the designated position on the scale on the polar scope's reticle. No hour angle setting is necessary.

The push switch on the brightness adjustment dial of the polar alignment scope will illuminate the reticle in red when activated. The brightness can be adjusted in 8 levels by turning the brightness adjustment dial. The red light becomes gradually dimmer after a certain interval of time (about one or two minutes) and turns off automatically.

It allows you to use a polar alignment scope PF-LII, polar alignment scope PF-L or SX polar axis scope for the POLARIE U.


Magnification/Aperture/Field of View 5x20mm/10 degrees
Scales and patterns 3-star position entry with precession corrections (upto 2040), N.hemisphere: Polaris, Delta UMI, 51 Cep, S. hemisphere: Chi Octantis, Tau Octantis, Sigma Octantis
Field illumination Red light is adjustable by 8 steps in brightness, turns off automatically
Batteries CR2032 x 1
Polar setting accuracy Within 3 arc minutes approximately
Dimensions 47 x 55 x 115mm
Weight 155g / 5.53 oz. (without battery)
Usable with POLARIE U, AP series, SX series, AXJ, AXD series of equatorial mounts (The SXD2, SXP2, AXJ and AXD2 models come equipped with the polar scope).


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